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Catchlight - Amaryllis


Am I real ?
Am I completed ?
Am I one of yours or just one of your dreams ?
Am I fuzzy ?
Am I clear ?
Am I just a thing you could make disappear ?
Tell me why I'm lying here floating under white lights !

All these words in my mind
But I don't know what you're looking for
So many things you left behind
But do I have a soul ?

Empty spaces
So many words in my head
I'm undefined
Reality runs away from me
I cannot catch anything
Cannot catch anything
Give me an answer
Just light my way
Tell me what I'm doing here !

Catchlight - Amaryllis

Long Night

Please pay attention
I am not the one you want me to be
There are contradictions
Between what you think and what is real
Change your perspective
This world is not your enemy
You have to believe me when I say
There is another way, another key

I've been here for such a long time
But I've never seen the light

Please pay attention
This place is not what you want it to be
There are contradictions
Between what you say and what you think
Change your perspective
This world is not full of enemies
You have to believe me when I say
There is another way, another key

You told me so many things
About this long night
But nobody here has never seen the light
Sunlight !

Catchlight - Amaryllis

The awakening

Hey ! I was asleep until this day
Now I'm awake I wanna play
Live my life in my own way
And I just don't wanna stay here
You're prisonner behind these walls
Hey don't wanna wait
Because there's no time to waste

And I can see those pretty lights away
I'm sure that's a good place to stay
I just wanna go there anyway

A secure land where I can live and play
Hey everyday is the same here
White rooms white lights syringe and silence
Nothing is changing this place is killing me
Just let me breathe, smell, and feel this world around
And I don't belong to you !
Hey don't wanna play your fucking games
'Cause there's no time to waste

Catchlight - Amaryllis


I can feel you suffering
Again screaming like a dog you're unchained
I don't know how to relive you from your pain
And make you have a blackout
Make them understand

'Cause you're screaming like a dog

The door is wide open now
Open on a room full of sickness
Only the darkest ones
This place looks like a dead end
Where no one can hear you

Catchlight - Amaryllis


I feel lonely surrounded by bodies
I think I did, I know I did it
Scary little soul I am
Scary little creature I was so blind
Why did you this to me ?
Who the hell do you think you are ?
You're nothing but pathetic puppets
You are the ones to blame, not me

I lost a part of me that night
I thought I could help you to see the light
But finally did this
You thought you were safe here
But I can feel your fear
I know what you are inside
Don't put me in that cage again
I'm not a weapon you can
Handle when you want to kill a man again
Don't wanna kill a man again
I just wanna close my eyes and fall asleep

I just can't help it, I just can't resist
When it's growing up in me

Catchlight - Amaryllis

Amaryllis' Fall Part 1: EOS

Catchlight - Amaryllis

Amaryllis' Fall Part 2: Imago

Far beyond your own sight
There are things you'll never know
Even under your light you're blind
When you don't let them grow

I know you are proud and old
But in this world you're all children
Playing games with a useless crown
Scared lords in your hidden kingdom

What makes you think you're superior ?
I found the link you're searching for
I've always been the key and now I know
Now I see how I could let then grow

Let's turn off the light...

Catchlight - Amaryllis